Underground Movements

I would just like to say that it is a great feeling to see underground music movements. I was glad to be a part of  a small movement in my hometown growing up and still know and keep contact with all of these friends from that era even though we are spread throughout most the country. You also get to see your share of awesome bands that work very hard and are still passionate about the music they play. What sparked this idea was the recent discovery of a small team of friends helping each other out by recording shows and giving the bands the opportunity to use the masters that they have tracked for their own use. They also create compilations of each show including usually one or two tracks from each band and post it to their website. I can’t tell you how awesome I think this is. They call themselves Hoy Poloy and you can find out more about them at their website and facebook. I will also post some tunes from one of their recordings below the picture!

Langoliers (Murfreesboro, TN) performing “Let Me Go”


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