House Shows

I didn’t really discover house shows until I moved to TN a little over a year ago. Where I grew up it was quite impressive to throw a party with more than 20 people without it being busted by the cops. So trying to have live music and have a party was definitely just out of the question. There was a small place down the street from my parents house that started to do live shows out of their garage but they usually were done by 10 or so. Now it is as if I can’t imagine playing live music without house shows. They are by far the most fun and usually bring out a lot of people you truly want to meet and get to know. Tonight, Thunder Brother is hosting a house show at our place. It will be our second shot at this and we have no idea what the turn out will be. If you are in the Nashville area and want to come, feel free. Just e-mail me for directions. Below is footage from Thunder Brother’s first house show at Houselhoff, rock on friends.


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