Who’s Ready For This?

The Black Keys new album drops on Dec. 6th. I wish I could say that I discovered The Black Keys a lot sooner, but I found out about them after their release of Magic Potion. One of my friends left this album in the front door of my parents house as a Christmas gift and I fell in love with it. After that I went into a Black Keys binge and bought every Black Keys item I could get my hands on.  I’ve listened to Attack and Release over 500 times and I am sure that is a lowball estimate. As a matter of fact, I almost got to see them play on the Attack and Release tour. Me and my good friend Dan had tickets in hand, middle of February, beautiful weather all week with no worries about the 10 hour day of travel ahead of us the next day. Of course in Nebraska a blizzard would decide to strike the day we had to go across the state…… We attempted to trudge through it and went into the ditch 40 miles outside of the wee town of Chadron from which we had departed and yes, we did think about trying a second time but decided against it and drove back home to safety. So if you haven’t stumbled upon this yet, here is their new single Lonely Boy off the album that will be titled El Camino.


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