Finding New Music

How do you find new music? There are literally billions of bands today that are playing, touring, recording, doing anything to reach the goal they want. So I am sitting here wondering how I actually find new music and realized that it is crazy all the methods, shapes, and forms you stumble upon new tunes.

You can watch an opening band for a headlining act that you go see at a live show. You can research individual members of bands that you like and actually discover that they have one or more side projects. We also find new music through social media mediums that are intended for this such as Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Myspace and so on. Maybe you hear a song on a movie that you really like and stick around to watch the music credits to research it when you go home or even meet a new friend and discover that they have an awesome band that they had just mentioned when you were briefly getting to know each other. Notice I haven’t even mentioned recommendations from close friends yet? This has been made a lot more influential with the “share to facebook” option in Spotify where you can actually share playlists/songs/artists with friends and they don’t even have to research it anymore. It is simply being put into your hands and screaming “listen to me” and with one easy click you are there.

All of this and more, yet you still find new artists and music daily. There are a lot of musicians out there doing exactly what you are doing, so take time to listen to others and relay good artists/bands/music/tracks/ideas to others and help each other out. Underneath I have posted an audio recording of a band called Big Surr. They are from Nashville, TN and put on an awesome live show. Check em out. Click here to  listen and/or buy their EP on bandcamp.


2 thoughts on “Finding New Music

  1. Music discovery in the new age? One trend I’ve noticed in my own music discovery dates back to being a lil’ skate-rat watching skate videos all of the time. I find myself watching cool artistic videos on YouTube or Vimeo and before I know it, I’m bobbing my head to some cool new band or artist that I would have never heard of otherwise. One of these recent findings was Ben Howard. I heard one of his songs in a trailer for a surfing documentary. Check out this live performance of a song called Old Pine! I love the percussiveness of the guitar.

    Thanks for showing me Big Surr Wes, they rock! There’s one other way of discovering music, Blogs!

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