Traditional or Match

There are many ups and down to each drum grip. The grip that I use is matched grip however I do understand and see why people would choose to play traditional. One of my main focuses is the large amount of motion and space that it takes your left hand in traditional grip to get to the floor tom. Keep in mind though that your distance to the high tom is a lot shorter than in matched grip. I feel there is more power in matched grip, but could this just be because I have played it tons and am more comfortable with the grip. We all have our favorite drummers who I’m sure have an influence on this decision in our younger age. Buddy Rich is traditional, John Bonham is match, Jojo Mayer changes depending on situation, and Stanton Moore is similar but I see him gravitate more towards traditional. What do you guys think on this subject? I also managed to find Buddy Rich’s opinion and coincidentally one of the few times you can hear him actually make a mistake. Wow, he is human after all.


One thought on “Traditional or Match

  1. I’ve thought a lot about match vs. traditional grip also. I think it comes down to how you feel comfortable playing and how you set up your drums. When your snare is angled away from you, traditional grip makes more sense because naturally the stick is at a similar angle. I like my snare almost completely flat so match is more comfortable in my case. I have the same feeling that I don’t get as much power from traditional grip because I’m so used to match. Having that same power from both only makes you a better drummer so I think it’s a good goal to work towards.

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