Musical Taste

What shapes your musical taste? Why do people like the kind of music they do? Currently, I listen to tons of funk and soul but I didn’t really get into that style of music until about 3 or 4 years ago. Before that, it was mostly classic rock and independent artists. I think it comes down to what you are exposed to and what your are around the most. When I was younger my dad only listened to classic rock stations and a few country and folk artists. Naturally, my ear became accustomed to that form of music and I began to appreciate artists that did it well.

It was the same with Funk and Soul. In college, I was mainly exposed to these kinds of artists to begin expanding my creativity and coming up with new ideas. It was like a whole new world had been opened up. At first, I was just listening for ideas but after being exposed to it so much I began to appreciate those that did it well and fell in love with the style. As for independent artists, that is what most of my close friends listen to. Thus the development of appreciation for this type of music. In my opinion, I think the bottom line in what shapes your musical taste is what you are exposed to constantly and being able to hear artists from those genres do it both well and poorly. Then you begin to develop appreciation for those who do it best and understand the excitement that comes from hearing a fantastic artist/band in whatever genre it is you may be listening to. I’ve listed some examples of what I feel to be “over the top” artists in their listed genres.

James Brown (Funk) – Get Up

Black Keys (Independent) – Oceans and Streams

Cannonball Adderly (Jazz) – Mercy Mercy Mercy

Bill Withers (Soul) – Use Me

Led Zeppelin (Classic Rock) – Heartbreaker

Johnny Cash (Country) – Folsom Prison Blues


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