The 2 Piece

2 piece bands generally tend to be really interesting and are seeming to become more popular these days. I think their are many reasons for this 2 piece “movement” so to speak. The first would be that it is a lot easier to get 2 people on the same page as opposed to 3 – 5. When coming up with new ideas and shaping the arrangement of a tune, all you need is 2 people on board. Another reason I think the 2 piece seems to be flourishing is the challenge that comes with it. Generally speaking, if there are only 2 people in a band they are going to have to “pick up the slack” for the “missing” instrument. With this challenge, comes a ton of creativity and makes those writing the songs think a lot differently. They have dilemmas like “Do I want the recording to sound the same as the live performance?” and “Who is going to play what?” should there be more than the proposed 2 instruments. Another reason could be a lot of success that is being seen and heard by bands that are coming up or have had small runs. Examples of some include The Black Keys, Death From Above 1979, Big Business, Lightning Bolt, The White Stripes, Jeff the Brotherhood and the list could go on. For those thinking financial terms, you are also only splitting the bands cut 2 ways which can be a tremendous difference in “pay” which is definitely an issue in the music industry at this point. Below I will post bits of some 2 piece bands that I have been in and other 2 piece bands as well.

This is Tin Pan Alley Cats, a band that I played in with my good friend Dan Carroll for a couple years.


This is Big Business a drum and bass band from Seattle


This is a promo picture with a drum and bass band that I played in called Hell Yes

Hell Yes


Of course you have the White Stripes as well





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