What do you buy?

Everyone is different in their musical tastes and how they show their appreciation. So today’s question is posed, what do you buy from a band that you appreciate and follow? Some show their devotion through purchase of the music either CD or Vinyl. I haven’t done any research or anything but it seems to me that most the people purchasing music are actually musicians themselves. When I see a band that I really like and want to walk away with something I always check, in this order vinyl, cd, sticker, clothing. I usually walk away with a vinyl unless it is overpriced.

On the other hand, I see most of those who don’t play music generate the clothing sales. This is just another way of remembering that night and performance. I can go through shirts that I have purchased from shows and remember where I was, who played that night, and what kind of a performance they put on (obviously it was good if I bought a shirt). What is more than likely happening with t-shirt sales is the listener will go home and download the music off the internet or stream it off channels/programs like Youtube and Spotify.

Stickers generally go to everyone because usually they are cheap or packaged with any sale. This is also the easiest form of having your band’s name seen in that particular area should someone put one on their car, music equipment, bar wall, etc…. Location also has a lot to do with what you are selling. Here in Nashville I have noticed way more purchases of vinyl than I would ever see in South Dakota. Slightly different cultures maybe?

So what do you buy when you see a band that you want to start following or already have been following. Today I am picking up my new Black Keys LP “El Camino.” I’ll let you know how it is tomorrow.



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