Top 5 Shows of 2011

Yes I know that I did top five albums but this is a completely different list. Live performances and recorded studio albums are two completely different things. Since I have moved here I have seen many bands put on lackluster performances even though they have a good sounding album. That being said, here are the bands that I am very glad I got to see in 2011.

1. Galactic at Mercy Lounge

I have been waiting years to see this band and when I heard they were coming through Nashville I made a point to go see them. They did not disappoint and even brought along Trombone Shorty to play with them. Props, awesome musicianship, the whole nine yards. If you haven’t seen Galactic go see them.

2. Red Fang at The End

Red Fang put on one hell of a show. If you are into metal, this is a band to see. This is simply just a gnarly band to see and be able to say you have been a part of the experience.

3. Jeff the Brotherhood at The End

I saw Jeff the Brotherhood at The End for what I am presuming is going to be the last time for a very, very long time. Seeing Jeff in this intimate venue packed to the brim was something else. It was by far better than any other time I have seen them play at Exit Inn/Walnut House or anywhere else. I could tell it was where the band started and really had a deep background with the venue. Their performance there was nothing like the others.

4. Wooten Brothers at 3rd and Lindsley

I am lucky to have the option of watching the Wooten Brothers play every Wednesday here is Nashville. I overlooked it for way too long but I recently went to watch them jam in December and it blew me away. The musicianship was unmatched. This band was in a whole completely different realm of jamming and playing music. Reggie Wooten definitely is an inspiration and maybe one day I will get lucky and see Victor join the boys on Wednesday.

5. Big Surr at Mercy Lounge during Road To Bonnaroo

Big Surr put on the best performance of all bands during their Road To Bonnaroo set. It consisted of three extremely driving songs that had catchy riffs and melodic vocals. The dynamics of the live performance and energy was intense and I could feel it just watching. It is a shame most the audience had left by that time because they deserved to play Bonnaroo over any of the other bands. This was the first time I saw Big Surr and I have followed them ever since seeing them at least two or three other times at the End.


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