Carnivale Electricos

I’m sure many music lovers were excited about the Band of Skulls, “Sweet Sour” release this last Tuesday but I hope they didn’t overlook the Galactic release. This album, as all the others, has it’s own sense of style and theme. It is an album dedicated to the celebration of Carnivale or what has become known to most in the US as Mardi Gras. You can hear the “party” theme throughout the album and tons of Latin rhythms and instruments that I haven’t been able to hear in quite some time! Agogo bells can be heard all through the track “Hey Na Na” and throughout other parts of the album.

There is all kinds of soulful brass throughout the album and just plain and simple funky grooves. “Carnivale Time” has all kinds of brass solos and licks. “Karate” opens up with a big brass fanfare and continues strong throughout the whole track.  “Voyage ton Flag” just hangs back in a solid 3 minute pocket groove. Sometimes that is all I need to make me happy and Galactic does a damn good job of it. On top of that, they close the album up with a very strong, mellow instrumental track titled “Ash Wednesday Sunrise.” This track reminds me a lot of the old Galactic from “Crazyhorse Mongoose” or “Coolin Off” days. Always good to hear these roots come out with Galactic.

In general I like most of this album as a whole. There is one track that I could live without and that would be “Move Fast.” This track is placed dead in the center of the album and is track 1 on the B side. It seems to kind of come out of nowhere and doesn’t really fit the rest of the album. To me it reminds me of something that would have came off of “From the Corner to the Block” where they collaborated with all the hip hop artists. I want to hear what you guys thought of the album! It’s up on Spotify so give it a listen and post some responses 🙂

Oh yeah, and the Vinyl is clear red!!!!!

Carnivale Electricos LP


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