Galactic Live!

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Galactic play live and yes it truly was an indescribable experience that I will try and describe the best I can. First lets start with the opening band, Moon Taxi. I have been hearing a ton about this band recently and I believe they are even on the Bonnaroo lineup for this year. Going in with high expectations, I was very pleased with the outcome!

Moon Taxi killed their set and played with tons of energy. Their music was full of great melodies passed between the vocals, guitars, and keys. The drummer and bassist were grooving so hard that you had to dance. What is even better is these guys are Nashville natives! Why have I not seen or heard this band yet? Definitely a mistake on my part and will be following them a lot more.


Now for Galactic. What can I say, these guys went far beyond any expectations I had. Having a spot only 10 feet from the legends that were playing on stage was a whole new experience. Of course my eyes were glued to Stanton Moore for most the set but I’ll begin with the Trombonist, Corey Henry. Corey was a man of complete soul and artistic awesomeness. You could see the energy, excitement, expression, and just plain fun he was having on stage and through his playing. It is always great to see the musicians you look up to enjoying themselves! Oh ya, did I mention he is a grammy award winning artist? Even better. The Saxophonist, Ben Ellman, matched Corey with every pitch and all his energy. The duo sounded like a whole horn section and there was only two of them!

Now for Stanton Moore himself. I can’t even begin to describe what I took away from this performance. The ability to groove so hard and have a style that is all his own. I have never seen any other drummer even come close to matching Stanton stylisticly or energy wise. The guy utilized every different sound behind the kit with utmost precision, perfection, and placement. One of the most interesting sounds I saw utilized was the difference of each kick. The smaller one had so much punch and focused attack. However, when he hit the bigger bass drum sparingly it made a huge impact and took the “dropping the bomb” quote to a whole new level. Looks like I need to hire some roadies and get this second kick happening at some of our shows.

Stanton did throw a big surprise by adding a drum solo to the set this year! Last year there was no hint or even mention of a solo in the set. I attempted to post the video, but it was impossible to try and get it off my phone. Terribly sorry.

Galactic played most of the Carnivale Electricos album and some old stuff including Bittersweet off Ruckus, some tracks off Ya Ka May, and From the Corner to the Block. To top it all off, they closed with a cover of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and my favorite track off Carnivale, “Ash Wednesday Sunrise.” This is only a small handful of wonderful things that happened this evening and if Galactic comes to your town, trust me you need to go see this performance.


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