We hosted a show here last night at the Thunderdome in Nashville. To top off the rock that consumed last night, me and the guys went out for a burger at the local bar downtown called Piranhas. This place has a dive sports bar kind of feel and has things on their menu like doughnut burgers. You walk in and there are sports games everywhere on TV’s and usually a couple regulars sitting at the bar. During the day it is very chill and usually plays some oldies on the jukebox. Piranhas serves what I like to call colossal burgers. Not only are the patties monstrous but it comes served with coleslaw and fries right on the burger. It can get a little messy but trust me, it is worth it because you will not walk away hungry. If you are in Nashville and need a good burger, you can always find one at Piranhas.

Check out the bands that played at The Thunderdome here last night by clicking on their names.


TENNESSEE SCUM (Murfreesboro, TN)


SCAMMERS (Kansas City, MO)

ARCH DRUID (Nashville, TN)


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