Ty Segall

I had the pleasure of going to watch Ty Segall perform at The End here in Nashville last night and yes, it was out of control. Awesome shows by each and every band with a great energy and a packed house at The End. This has been one of the few shows that I have been to that has actually sold out The End which meant for very tough “seats” to grab so to speak. I will post links to everyone’s website/facebook below the review and let’s begin!

The night began with Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders. Always bringing good old punk rock to the table. Lots of energy with punchy, upbeat songs that are straight to the point. Very little downtime in between songs and that’s how I like it! Simple and well played is the best way to put it.

Useless Eaters answered up with the same amount of energy and drive. The guitar has a great tone and drums from Casey Weissbuch are spot on with every rhythm and fill. The bassist also had a great tone that blended well with the sort of “crunchy” guitar sound and punchy drums. Between him and Casey, there was no questioning where the drive was!

White Fence had an upbeat surfy rock type of sound. Don’t think Beach Boys or Sublime, their was definitely more rock but you could hear the tinge of California creeping out every once in a while in the guitar. The vocalist was running awesome effects using two microphones to get both a clean and reverb sound. At times he would blend the two and make for an awesome vocal effect that blended so well with their band and gave them something very original.

Ty Segall upped the energy level even more. Playing many tracks off of Melted, most of the people at The End were chanting and singing along all night welcoming him back. Opening with a supped up version of Finger that was almost twice the tempo of the album version made for an awesome kick in the face. The dynamics have even more impact live, especially with Finger. It seemed as though they had some how blended the energy of Texas’s Rock N Roll with the classic California sound with Ty’s own touch of course. The drums killed every single punch and bass was always keeping the hype on stage with the second guitarist right beside him. During the set, their was at least 3 crowd surfers at all times, moshing, and energy that was unmatched by the others. Find the dates on Ty’s website and go see this tour if he is coming your way.

I couldn’t find a video from the show last night, but here is one of them playing at Death By Audio in Brooklyn from 2011.






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