United States of Being Review

Last night Pujol put on the best performance I have seen him do yet. Even with technical difficulties the band sounded so tight and had tons of energy. You could definitely tell they have been preparing for both their CD Release and Bonnaroo of course. Today, I am going to do something I haven’t done yet and review this album track by track as I spin it here in my home. Here we go!

Track 1 – DIY2K

The track opens with what sounds like a cell phone buzzing and explodes into the opening guitar lick and poppy drums. There is an evident cowbell that creates a nice pocket and makes you just want to dance and bob your head. You can’t help but chant DIY2K when it comes up and it constantly asks the question, “am I winning, feeling good?” That’s what the song is all about, feeling good and you can definitely tell Daniel was feeling great when he wrote this one.

Track 2 – Mission From God

This track is simple and straight to the point. Opens with a thunderous floor tom and goes straight into a driving, poppy, “punk” riff. Once again the vocals stick like glue and the little interlude/chorus’s create a nice transition from verse to verse. Think of someone bobbing their head side to side comfortably and you will get a good feel for this song.

Track 3 – Providence

What is unique about this track is the drums stay mostly on the toms for the whole song. However, when that hi hat is finally brought in it creates a driving groove that adds to everything that has been played before it. There are also key parts sprinkled in the back every once in a while that create a good texture and gives this track a separate mood and feel then the previous two.

Track 4 – Keeper of Atlantis

This is a very catchy track. I’ve seen Dan perform this live at nearly every show and there is a reason why. It’s simple, catchy, pumped up and easy to sing along to. The guitar riffs/solos in between each verse are just the right length and have you anxiously awaiting the next verse or chorus.

Track 5 – Made of Money

This track is different from the previous ones. It has an old 50’s 60’s type feel with a modern recording. Think Chuck Berry at a mid tempo and without all the solos. Bass is laying solid rhythm and pocket in the back along with the drums with a heavy 2 and 4. Nice backing tune for some good lyrics.

Track 6 – Endless Mike

This track has kind of a drone type of feel. There are distant powerful sounding drums in the back and great chord changes between verse and chorus. Listen for EN ERGY TO EN ER GY, it’s hard to miss and the catchiest part of the song. Great mood for the middle of the album. Side A ends with sounds of Sirens and rain.

Track 7 – Reverse Vampire

Time to bring the energy back up! Side B opens up with a few cows moooooooing and explodes into the song just as Side A did. Solid song, easy to sing along to, and catchy little chorus’s to chant uhhhhh to. Just listen and you will know what I am talking about!

Track 8  – Niceness

Another short and sweet song. Pumped up, simple chant in the chorus, and it is indeed a song about love! Didn’t see that one coming did you. Up-tempo, dancy, and big toms!

Track 9 – Black Rabbit

This is another track that I have seen Dan play many times. It always has great energy and you can tell Dan really enjoys playing this. Even through recording, this song shines through and you can get a feel for the live performance that Dan and his band put on. The outro on this is great! A guitar solo with licks in all the right spots builds a big drive towards the last chord.

Track 10 – Each and Everyday

Of all the tracks, this one sticks out more than the others. I can’t put my thumb on it, maybe it is either a really new song or a super old song. This one sits in the right spot and is really easy going. It feels like it may slow things down a bit, but I think it is just the mood of the song and the musicians playing it. I imagined a nice little hang where everyone is just relaxing and having fun playing music when I listened to this one.

Track 11 – Dark Knight in Shining Armor

A song about Batman and it is great! The way this is phrased and put together is perfect. The verses mesh with the chorus’s so smooth and it’s not “driving” like the rest of the album but rather “clicky.” This is a valuable track for the album because it is a lot different from the rest and gives you a little surprise at the end.

Track 12 – Psychic Pain

Perfect end to a great album. The tempo is in just the right spot for this song and is sooooooo catchy. Makes you feel good when you are done and that is all that needs to be said.

After listening to the whole album, I would say my favorite tracks are definitely Psychic Pain, DIY2K, Keeper of Atlantis, and Dark Knight in Shining Armor. These are also the ones that I see Dan and his band play most frequently when they play live! So that may have something to do with it. Great Album and pick up a copy from the link below. If you are at Bonnaroo, check him out on Friday from 9:20 to 10:10 at the Miller Tent!


Here are a couple photos from last nights show


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