New Website with Tasty Dinner!

Today I am celebrating the launch of my brand new website at One of my good friends and awesome Web Designers, Joanna Dee, worked hard on this for about 3 or 4 months! The work definitely shows and I am so happy to have worked with her on the project. So go check out the website, leave me some comments and if you need some help with your site get in touch with her through her site by clicking here!  There are still some photos to be released that will be in a later blog post in a couple weeks so keep checking back!

The site technically went live last night so I thought there was no better reason to cook a grand ol’ dinner. I’m not the best cook in the world but this was awesome. I took some photos but if you really want to learn some mean recipes you need to check out The Ranting Chef’s and aboyandhisfork’s blog’s. These guys take cooking/baking you name it to a new level! Here is my lackluster recipe with no instructions haha.

If it looks good, I grabbed it from this recipe book on page 16 titled No Fuss Chicken Dinner.

These were the starting ingredients, forgot to picture water. Trust me, if I had time I would have gotten real mushrooms too. None of that canned craaaaaaap 😦

Water, Rice, Soup, and Mushrooms all mixed up!

Chicken on top!

Surprise curve-ball french onions on top. I should have been in the MLB.

Finished product = yummy!

Remember, I teach drum lessons online or in home around the Nashville, TN area!

Get a hold of me through my site or e-mail me at






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