Screen Door Records

Last night I went into one of the best sessions I have had in Nashville at Screen Door Records. Not only do I know the recordings are going to turn out great, the guys at Screen Door were awesome! It was a relaxed, friendly, go at your own pace environment which is exactly how every studio should be. We were greeted by Josh Whitfield at the beginning of the session along with the studio pet, Lil Guy! A friendly little chihuahua that will occasionally sneak a piece of your pizza if you let it go unattended. Justin Kirkland, who engineered the session and has more than ample recording credits under his belt, soon followed and began to set up the mics and studio. Once the mics were up, we blew through 10 instrument tracks and recorded vocals in a matter of 4 hours. The only way this was possible was through a very easy going vibe and a Sound Engineer that really knew his stuff. We took levels, did one half of a scratch track and made no changes from there. Justin had it right with one shot! One word, effortless. On top of being completely awesome, professional, and one of the best recording experiences I’ve had, it was at a crazy affordable rate. Yes, I said AFFORDABLE, in NASHVILLE!!! Look these guys up because this is where you want to go. Here are some videos/pictures from the session and I will shoot you guys some links below.

Meet Lil Guy

Behind the Helm

Keegan’s Mighty Bass Rig




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