Hurts To Laugh

Went to the Bang OK Bang video shoot last night and had the pleasure of seeing a band I haven’t heard of before, Hurts to Laugh. These guys put on a show. Two piece groove oriented style punk rock with heavy kick, thick snare, fat toms and catchy lead guitar esque riffs. With elements of Drag City’s Monotonix they set up at first facing each other in the open Zombie Shop room. The guitarist consistently is utilizing every aspect of the room and getting the audience involved including climbing on tables and weaving in and out of every obstacle throughout the room. The drummer does the same in between each song when he isn’t playing drums and shelling out vocals. At one point, the kit was completely moved to a different location in the room. Before the kick was in place, however, the guitarist took his spot on top of the kick. The audience then raised both the kick drum and guitarist in the air for him to take a nice face-melting solo. Unfortunately, I had to leave shortly after but keep your eyes open for this awesome 2 piece Nashville band and catch them if you get the chance! Links below





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