Two Gallants

Two Gallants is a 2 piece band out of San Francisco who bring tons of energy to their live show. What is even better is most of their songs are very folky and have very genuine lyrics. I’m not kidding, don’t put these guys off because you think they are just like every other folky type band. These guys bring more energy than most rock artists I see to the stage. Tyson Vogel has a style all of his own on the drums which entails hitting almost everything in sight in any type of order. Somewhat of an organized chaos type of sound on the drums. Adam Stephens writes melodies that are beyond catchy and I have no idea how he sings his vocals over some of the intricate finger-style playing he frequently does.

I discovered Two Gallants at a very young age because they used to come through my home town once if not twice a year. This was back in the early 2000’s when a very very slim amount of the population recognized the name. They had a naturally raw sound that comes from an Alive Records band. Go figure, this is the same place the Black Keys started off and both bands got their start around the same time. After a few years of hard work and relentlessly touring, they got picked up by Saddle Creek Records out of Omaha in 2005 and began to grow a larger audience naturally. Each one of their albums has a different emotion and feel yet doesn’t leave their roots that they debuted with The Throes.

Two Gallants broke up for about a year or two and are now back coming out with a new album September,4th on ATO Records titled The Bloom and the Blight. Keep a lookout for these guys coming through a place near you. You don’t want to miss a live performance and a band with a great history. Below I will place a track from each of their CD’s in Chronological order. Enjoy!

P.S. My hometown Rapid City, SD is part of the 3 or 4 shows featured in the Steady Rollin video and if you know exactly where to look you can find me hangin out. You can see Mt. Rushmore at 1:45 and our “famous” water tower at 3:00.

This is “Nothing to You” is off their album titled The Throes.

These next 2 tracks are off of What the Toll Tells. “Las Cruces Jail” has a very interesting story behind it so search it on google.

“Steady Rollin”

“The Deader” off of their self titled album Two Gallants.





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