Turbo Fruits LIVE

Last night, I have got to say was the best performance I have seen from Turbo Fruits. The last time I watched these guys was a little over a year ago. They have been doing some extensive touring with Deer Tick and even strolled through my hometown Rapid City, SD a while back. You can tell this tour has upped their excitement and drive to keep rocking hard. The show was full of energy including Jonas jumping even higher than usual and drummer Matt Hearn practically demolishing his vintage Vistalites to a pulp.

They opened up with what I am assuming is an un-released music video for Harley Dollar Bill$. If you find it on the internet, let me know so I can get it into this post. They brought those who were in the video on stage and opened with the opening track off Butter, Where the Stars Don’t Shine.  They played numerous numbers off the record including Sweet Thang, Ain’t the Only One Having Fun,  Gotta Get Along, and Colt 45. Later in the set they began to play a few oldies including Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain, Volcano,  a super amped version of Broadzilla and closing with Want Some Mo as an encore.  If you are in the Chicago area go see them tonight at Schubas Tavern with The Orwells and the Innkeepers.

I also want to give Fox Fun a shout for putting on a great set. These youngsters know how to kill it. Well rehearsed, punchy, tight, super rhythmic rock. Keep an eye out for these guys and listen to their tunes below or by clicking here.

Here is a more recent video of “Ain’t the Only One Havin’ Fun” released for Grooveshark in 2011



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