The Grisly Hand


A few days ago I did a post on one of my favorite bands of all time, Tanka Ray. Although they may not be around anymore, the members are still actively playing music. The best is that it has moved in a different direction and even showed maturity in writing and playing. I stumbled upon these guys by recommendation from the local record store owner in Kansas City, MO last time I toured through with Megajoos. I examined the liner notes and was pleasantly surprised to find two of the musicians I looked up to for years, Jimmy “the kid” Fitzner and Charles Snyder. I was blown away by an awesome coincidence and particularly love this EP titled Safe House. Bluegrassy, Folky-Rock, type stuff here. Sit back, enjoy, and relax to some catchy easy flowing tunes. My personal favorites are “Paris of the Plains” and “Losin’ You.”

Upon further research, I don’t think Charles plays with The Grisly Hand anymore. It appears he may actually be playing with another Cosa Nostra favorite, The Hudson Falcons. However, don’t quote me on that one.




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