Highlights of 2013

I know this seems a bit late, but I just haven’t been able to get around to doing a post yet. I’m not the greatest at listing things in “order of importance” but here are some of the highlights and disappointments of 2013 in no particular order.


-Opened for Pujol

-Opened for Tristen

-Bad Cop’s “Light On E.P” (I can’t stop spinning this)

-Red Fang’s “Whales and Leeches” (Got this over Xmas break, HEAVY)

-Megajoos released Mega Deuce at Springwater with all our favorite bands for support on February 8th

-Seeing Tennessee Scum gain momentum & recording a ton

-My grandpa recorded/released all his favorite songs under his childhood name “Dakota Jack” on a 4 track tape machine

-Anytime I play Kansas City. This has been my favorite discovery since travelling as a touring musician

-Opening for Cherokee Rock Rifle at their E.P. release

-Discovering Culture Cringe and being a part of their podcast

-Pixies new material????? Say what? They also just released another E.P. yesterday with a video. Get some!

-The recording and release of “Creature” by Thunder Brother. These songs have been played and worked on for many years and it was truly a treat to finally capture them in a good studio.

-Recording/playing with Big Horn, Future Dog, and Secret Shopper

-Working with Lincoln Parish and Kevin Kilpatrick at Talk Box Rodeo with Penicillin Baby

-Seeing my bud Kaleb Britton kill it at home over Xmas break and grow into a phenomenal musician and hearing his plans to pursue music.

-The discovery of Bruce Guttridge. This is probably the BEST DAMN DRUMMER I’ve ever seen. Check this guy out.

– I got a record player!

-Contacted by a record shop in Sweden for 5 copies of Mega Deuce

-Bully’s 7″ E.P.

-Opening for PILE and anytime I got to see them play this year

-Seeing Clayton Parker play bass with Pujol & perform SXSW and Lollapalooza

-Touring Florida for a week with Rajhi Gahler

-Seeing Flaming Lips for the first time

-Seeing Mother Machine @ Mojo Books in Tampa Bay

-Seeing Thee Oh Sees play live at Zombie Shop

-Seeing Frank Black play a solo set on Valentines Day at Mercy Lounge

-Seeing Wooden Indian Burial Ground twice

-The start of the Sleeze comic book series and Musical by Bad Apple Artist

-Countless other things that I can’t even remember


-Going to SD to see my cousin get married!

-Riding in the Black Hills with my pops and uncle this summer

-Got a Daschund and named him Bonzo after my inspirational drummer

-Anytime I see family! Christmas Break and Summer time

-Hearing friends paths at home during Christmas break


-Honestly, I am not a fan of what Arcade Fire has been up to 😦

-Thee Oh Sees went on indefinite hiatus

-Lets be honest, Florida is not the paradise that is portrayed on TV. haha

-Not getting to Minneapolis/Chicago/Philadelphia/Boston in 2013

-Closing the Thunderdome for good

-Seeing the Black Keys @ Bridgestone during El Camino tour. Went into the ditch trying to drive across Nebraska to see them on the Attack & Release tour. Think I saw them too late in the game 😦

-I try not to let things be disappointing so I’ll leave it at that mmmmmk



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