Building Hand Speed

This video has helped me immensely with building my hand speed and endurance in just a couple of weeks. I have really locked in the exercise that Tony Royster Jr. explains starting around the 14:00 mark. Long story short, his warm up consisted of a measure of singles, doubles, then paradiddles. I have always struggled with having even doubles and any form of diddles so I took this exercise and built onto it by adding a measure of double paradiddles and triple paradiddles to the exercise.

I’ve generated a PDF of my exercise that can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE or the link below. On top of building paradiddles and doubles, I also wanted to get more comfortable leading with the left hand on the downbeat. In order to achieve this, in the measure of double paradiddles I placed a single paradiddle on beat four to begin leading with the left hand on the downbeat. If this sounds confusing, it’s really not. It’s all laid out in the PDF, sticking and all. Give it a shot, use it as your warmup for 5 minutes before starting anything you are working on and you will notice a difference in your playing in as short as a week.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the explained warmup


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