Megajoos/Roman Polanski’s Baby Spring Tour 2014 Recap!

Megajoos/Roman Polanski's Baby Spring Tour 2014

Megajoos/Roman Polanski’s Baby Spring Tour 2014

Well……. 11 shows, 10 days, lots of beer, 1 blown tire, a dragging muffler, 1 tow yard trip, 1 cancelled show, lots of hard-wood floors, 1 bathroom floor, and god knows how many miles later……… I am here, writing this review of what was the longest, most successful, and most fun tour I’ve been on. It was a great experience and I’m going to do my best to recollect the highlights and humor from each day. Lets begin!

March 20th in Athens, Georgia.

We played Caledonia Lounge with the Honey Sliders and Shehehe and somehow I managed to lose 415 dollars cash!!! That’s a good way to start the tour right? Luckily, it turned up later at the bar but man I was fretting. Shehehe rocked the house down as I’ve seen them do at Dino’s and the Honey Sliders had a good mix of a lefty drummer, killer keyboards, catchy hooks and solid bass.

We also got a review from our new friend Justin on his Suicide Watch Tumber. Check it by clicking here. 

I saw a Tumblin Timmy along the way and apparently I missed out on the best shower in the world the next morning!! Oh yea, Katie is pretty fond of Beanie Babies and we got to see the whole collection at her parent’s place that night. Plenty of Carter Hays poses on the Joos page with his faves!

Carter with Princess Diana Beanie Baby

Carter with Princess Diana Beanie Baby

March 21st in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Let’s just say we arrived and….. there was no show. BIG PARTY! Carter was puking by 10:30 PM. Don’t worry, his tolerance built up later in the tour.

March 22nd in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Somewhere between Asheville and Lexington we had our first scare. Blown tire on the interstate, handled by yours truly. Aside from it being terrifying, we were assisted by (I think his name was Jon) from North Carolina’s accident patrol almost immediately. We were back on the road in about 30 minutes flat heading to the biker bar in Lexington.

Van Blown Tire

Van Blown Tire

Not knowing what to expect after Asheville, we showed up to a very pleasantly surprising badass biker bar called Keg Hunters. This show being tossed up in the air back and forth whether or not we would be playing proved to turn out quite fantastic.

Let’s see, the stage was outside and yes it was cold as bawls. Did that stop any of the bands? Not at all, Nashville natives Thelma and the Sleaze shredded well into the evening with temperatures in the forties if not less. Did I mention they were all wearing jean shorts? Gnar!

Keg Hunters

Keg Hunters

It was here I finally got to meet Logan Nichols who writes for a blog in Louisville called 37 Flood. We have been interacting online for a bit and he has even placed Mega Deuce on a top albums of 2013 list. Flattering and he was even awesome enough to write a review on the Lexington show. Check it out by clicking here!

March 23rd in Cleveland & Bowling Green, Ohio. 

Yes, double header show. How so? Matinee at Now That’s Class in Cleveland and house show in Bowling Green later on.

Now That’s Class was an intimate setting and had a big pop punk show planned later in the evening so we were kind of rushed. However, this didn’t prevent all three of the bands to put on a great show. Joos, RPB, and Palaces still played like we were performing to rooms of thousands. Might I say, Palaces was mean, heavy, and had modded their amps to be all black and red for the full experience.

Literally showing up minutes before we were supposed to play, we hopped right out and caught what we could of the first band, Don’t Get Bored. After the Nashvillians showed up and partied, I got to see what I think was my personal favorite band of the tour! Their name, Dog Bosser. The lead guitarist/vocalist shredded in a one piece striped (leotard?) Anyways, songs of football, Arby’s, you name it. Definitely a captivating band for sure.

Dog Bosser

Dog Bosser

Oh yea, that bathroom floor I mentioned, that’s where I slept in Bowling Green. Believe it or not, I wasn’t puking my guts out. It was just the warmest room in the house!

March 24th in Detroit, Michigan. 

Lets see, tons of free bowling, the Heidelberg Project, a sweet show, and a wild dance party to round the evening out. We played in a Bowling Alley venue called the Garden Bowl with killer pizza and Detroit basically loves to party. Peach Pit played a wild three or four songs where the guitarist/vocalist encouraged crowd participation and the drummer beat the piss out of drums.

Throughout the evening we were being told by two or three locals how they had vans stolen from them through the years. You can only imagine what’s going through our heads. Well, we found a place to crash that night. Woke up the next morning and had the band van heist fright! Vans missing, “OH SHIT!” Collecting ourselves and taking it all in, we took the measures to think clearly and calmly. After a few phone calls, we took a trip to the tow yard and got the hell out of Detroit.

Our tightest sleeping corridors were found here 🙂

Detoit - 5 people in this room!

Detoit – 5 people in this room!

March 25th in Chicago, Illinois.

The first thing we did in Chicago was step into a random Bar-cade. Awesome. They had the Tommy pinball machine set to free play. Original X-men, Turtles, Simpsons side scrollers. Donkey Kong, Galaga, Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man. You name it, we probably played the shit out of it.

The Who's "Tommy" Pinball Machine

The Who’s “Tommy” Pinball Machine

We were greeted with one of the friendliest bands I have ever played with at the Burlington Bar. The Holy Alimonies loved to chat sports, music, and have a good time. A good sounding venue and great turnout for a tuesday night in Chicago, rock and roll ensued. I enjoyed the folkier numbers from The Holy Alimonies and got to see an old friend from High School as well as Tommy from Braver who we played with weeks before tour at the old friendly Springwater Dive in Nashville.

To round out the evening, we partied with Tom from Coaster and even got to take a listen to his new single from the band. Met these guys very randomly at a Murfreesboro house show and had tons of fun partying in their hometown! Check out the single here. 

March 26th in Minneapolis, MN.

Well, I never thought Megajoos or Roman Polanski’s Baby could check “playin in a VFW hall” off the list of things to do. Guess what, we did. Tom Mooney from Blood Cookie was super friendly and set up a show way last minute and even scored Kitten Forever for the bill. Vellhouse pulled off a Deerhoof cover which I can honestly say I’ve never heard done before. My old high school friend Austin Cecil got real good at drums and I’ve now switched his official nick-name to Cecil Speedy Bulls. Blood Cookie laid down some mellow rock and Kitten Forever used a freakin home-made telephone microphone during their set. All three members switched and played every instrument mid songs during their set as well.

This was the second night in a row I got to hang with high school and even college friends. It was a great experience and I even got to see remnants of my old band, Ladies Buffet laying around their apartment. Broken bass necks, show flyers, Thunder Brother E.P.’s you name it. It’s a great feeling to know you have kick-ass friends in places other than your current and home town. Love you dudes.

Rapid City Punk Rock friends from home!

Rapid City Punk Rock friends from home!

Ladies Buffet Bass head-stock from ~ 2005

Ladies Buffet Bass head-stock from ~ 2005

March 27th in Omaha, NE.

In a state like Nebraska, almost every drive takes at least an hour. To my surprise as I walked in the venue door, Alex Jones and Nick Snyder. Dudes I hung out with in ol Bumfuck, I mean Chadron, Nebraska. These guys helped me get through the epitome of a college town. Population, “how many students are in session this year?” I loved my college experience because of friends like these. Great to see them.

Nick & Alex from college

Nick & Alex from college

With members of Cursive in attendance for our show at O’Leavers, we threw our equipment in and got down. Yes, I’m sure he was not a fan of the ol Joos. On top of that, we had our worst performance of tour. Lots of “techy” difficulties which turned out to just be a shotty cable. However, Roman Polanski’s Baby nailed their performance and were followed by a very Meth Dad esque local who’s name was Darren.

Molly Misek from Hear Nebraska had a lot of great things to say about Roman Polanski’s Baby on Hear Nebraska. Check it out by clicking here!

I got to party with my college friends as well as one of my best friends from childhood, John Moler. We made up 2/3 of the best damn outfield there was on the Steelies. We also showed the streets a few 50-50’s, kickflips, and boardslides. Every once in a while we will get the rare chance to collaborate on some tunes as well for his hip-hop group, Half & Half. Great to see some truly awesome friends.

John Moler

John Moler

March 28th in Kansas City, Missouri. 

We started by playing the loooooooooosest penny slots in town at Harrah’s. I think they are mistaking the term loosest with extremely tight-ass. I must have lost 3 bucks! Damn, anyhow Carter Hays slayed the machines followed by max betting his dollar or two worth of winnings away in a mad dash to the record shop.

Another day for double headers! We started playing a matinee in shop at Mills Record Company with Mr. and the Mrs. with lots of free Hamm’s. Num Num. Old Man Dutch from the now dead Cherokee Rock Rifle was in attendance. Good bud who set us up with our very first KC show at Czar Bar.

Joosy J workin fog

Joosy J workin fog

Megajoos @ Mills Record Shop

Megajoos @ Mills Record Shop

After leaving the record shop in a haze of smoke we headed over to Vandals. An awesome venue with maybe a capacity of 100 or 150 if you’re lucky. The Bad Ideas opened up and got the energy flowing with their antics and fun on stage! Faultfinder closed the evening out and all I have to say is HEAVY. Think Red Fang folks. <——– Oh no, the accent is starting to rub off……

It was great to see Ben and Stefani from KC Live Music Blog in attendance. Truly two individuals that enjoy what they do and do it damn well. Pleasure to see you guys and wish we could have chatted more.

Ben and Stefani wrote a brief review and took some awesome pictures from the Vandals show, check em out by clicking here!

Nick, Sarica, and probably our biggest fan ever Forrest Head attended both shows! You guys truly are amazing. Forrest, you don’t even live in Nashville and probably know more about us than we do.

Afterwards, big party at Britt’s house from the Bad Ideas.

Can you tell Kansas City is my personal favorite place to play shows?

Kansas City Skyline

Kansas City Skyline

March 29th in St. Louis, Missouri.

Last day of the tour and feeling very drained. We didn’t hold back. We showed up to FOAM and most of us actually ordered beer believe it or not. Kenshiro’s started the evening off right playing with tons of energy and a killer drummer who rolled with the punches every time her cymbal went flying this way or that. These guys pulled off an Oh Sees cover that was spot on. The guitarist also shredded some nice pedal effects with great tones.

Skull played a short ten minute set that was captivating. Fast, crunchy, raw, instrumental, heavy punk. It was a perfect way to end the tour.

It’s always a pleasure to hang out with Matt from St. Louis. One of the reasons we still hit it. Thank you Matt!

March 30th en-route to Nashville, Tennessee.

All any of us could think of was home……….. The van had made the whole damn trip. I was personally surprised. As soon as that ran through my head, muffler falls off. Drained and only one goal at hand, we pulled over ripped it off for the amusement of near-by hotel tenants and got back on the road. Ahh, finally we are going home.

20 miles to Nashville. I thought we got rid of that damn thing?????? Well lets go ahead and rip the rest off.

Now here is where I would open you up to the name we have christened with the van. Only problem is, we never did?

(Place Van Name Here) YOU MADE IT! We made it. BEST TOUR EVER.

Along with touring and sharing this experience with my best friend “Boffa” I made three more truly awesome friends. Thanks for the memories Boffa, Rachel, Katie and Carter! Peace

Roman Polanski's Baby

Roman Polanski’s Baby










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