Giraffes? Giraffes! – Spazz Master

My recent dive into shredding (no we aren’t talking about Michael Bay Ninja Turtles reboots, sorry) has led me into some terrific bands and great drummers. I want to share with you a killer 7″ that recently hit the shelves by Giraffes? Giraffes! Yes that is their real name if you haven’t heard of them. It’s titled “Spazz Master” and opens with the track SugaaaaaSpazzazazz. What sounds like a peaceful intro soon turns into a chaotic symphony of guitar, keys, and drums.  Side B gets a bit darker and heavier with a track titled Swallowing Light and Sweating Diamonds (Masters of the Fucking Universe). These 2 tracks promise what is hope to be a killer follow up LP soon. Check it out for yourselves and get the damn record for 5 bucks if you dig it. Oh ya, the artwork is sweet to.


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