Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita

After spending some significant time with this record, I can proudly say it was one of my favorite records of 2014. Having no idea that Deerhoof was actually coming out with a new record I stumbled upon La Isla Bonita, (The Beautiful Island) while looking for a copy of Offend Maggie on vinyl which I am of course still trying to get my hands on.

Finding almost any Deerhoof record is a challenge so I grabbed this one while it was fresh. Ever since, it has been next to impossible to step away from it. With pop and experimental elements, this albums mix is nearly perfect. Greg Saunier supplies thick grooves to keep it all together and bring continuity to the chaos. Of course, anyone that can successfully pull off 16 inch hi hats has got a sound that is going to go untouched for a bit. Creative, complex yet somehow simple, and over the top. Not a week has gone by without me listening to it at least once since it’s purchase. Do yourself a favor and catch them on their current tour!


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