Penicillin Baby – Audio Tree Session

Penicillin Baby Audio Tree

Sorry for the inactivity folks. I've been keeping busy on the road and with other recording projects in recent months. I wanted to share with you the link for my recent session at Audio Tree in Chicago! I'll be back with more music soon and thanks for staying with me! 🙂


Penicillin Baby – Stick It Out Music Video Premier

Last night Penicillin Baby took the stage for the final round round of Road to Bonnaroo at High Watt. Although, we may not be heading to Bonnaroo soon, here is a new video for "Stick It Out" that premiered on FLOOD Magazine today. Scope it and see if you can figure out, "Who is Tape …

Penicillin Baby – Stick It Out

Penicillin Baby Stick It Out

My band Penicillin Baby debuted a new single, "Stick It Out" on Culture Collide. I wanted to share the link with you guys as well as the preview of the album cover. Click on the picture to get re-directed to the single and write up!

Tera Melos

Continuing on the shred train I give you, Tera Melos. This may be old news for some but I'm recently discovering all of these "shred/math" bands. Tera Melos does a great job blending melody and harmony with vocals over some crazy instrumental parts on my particular favorite album X'ed Out. Seeing as I'm a recent listener, …